From Internet Marketing Newbies to Internet Marketing Millionaires

In this article, I will be going through with you 5 simple psychology you can use to transform yourself from internet marketing newbies to internet marketing millionaire. This will be especially important because this is the missing gap for internet marketing newbies to start making an earning on the internet.

Most often than not, people who started out in this business do not realized that they have failed and struggled in their internet marketing business not because of the lack of strategies, tactics, techniques, technical skills, tools or even the computer or the internet.

Simply, they failed in the psychology game. This simple yet profound difference is what separate an internet marketing newbies from an internet marketing millionaire.

Here are the 5 psychology…

Psychology 1: Focus on what make money and outsource the rest.

Think of this as a real business and not a hobby. You need to focus on making money instead of getting distracted doing things that will not bring food to the table.

What are the activities that help you to make money online?

Some examples are:

1) Tweaking the sales letter, advertisement to get more click and sales.
2) Focus on list building and building a relationship with the list.
3) Branding you position in the market place.
4) Planning the whole marketing campaign.

What are the activities that do not help you to make money online?

1) Installing tools and figuring out how to use them.
2) Reading emails or watching YouTube videos.
3) Buying any hot products that emerge in the market. It is not that you should not buy product and invest in your education. You need to be selective and buy those products that will really help you to make money online.

Psychology 2: No goal and direction.

This may sound amazingly simple but this is one psychology that cause many internet marketing newbies to failed in their online business. You need to have a goal. For example, you need to define how much you will be making in specific number and by when you want to achieve it.

Once you have your goal in mind, you can then work backward to plan you money making activities to achieve your goal.

If you don’t have a goal, you will definitely failed in your online business. Imagine that you flag for a cab and then tell the cab driver that you have absolutely no idea where you want to go…

Psychology 3: Take Action when you are still not sure.

Many internet marketing newbies are overwhelmed by everything and overloaded with ton of information that failed to take action. Some tend not to take action because they feel they are not fully equipped or that they still do not understand how to engineered a complete marketing system online.

Let me share this with you. You don not need to understand everything before you start to do anything.

Do not be afraid of failures. The faster you failed forward, you faster is your success. You need to take massive action even when you are fearful and doubtful.

The main reason that separate internet marketing gurus and internet marketing newbies are the amount of actions taken.

Psychology 4: Be committed and never, never give up, no matter what.

This is important. I can guaranteed you that you will face a lot of failures and obstacles on your way to becoming successful in your online endeavor. Even the internet marketing gurus failed before they are successful.

The only reason why they are more successful than internet marketing newbies is that they have failed more online than what the newbies have experienced.

Psychology 5: Dare to invest your money.

If this psychology is not right, it will hard for anyone be successful online.

Many internet marketing newbies are always looking for free stuffs, whether it is their internet marketing education, tools or advertising.

They do not understand that to be successful, newbies need to reinvest the profits from the business back to your online business so that you can groom and grow it.

However, having said that, it is also important to make smart decision on where to invest the money. The money must be invested in the right education, tools and advertising to grow the the online money tree.

For example, if you invest one dollar on an advertisement and you get back two dollars in return. Then i should said that this is a wise investment. Always measured your investment with the right ROI (return of investment) so that you can refine your decision making muscle for future investment.

I hope you’ve found these 5 psychology useful. Remember, internet marketing newbies can make good income online if they get this psychology right. If you want more information, you can visit my website about how internet marketing newbies can start a profitable online business.

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